How to Setup PPTP vpn in Windows 10 ?


Windows 10 PPTP vpn Setup

Today i am gonna teach ,how to setup PPTP vpn in Windows 10.With PPTP vpn you can download torent file via torrent client in blocked network,which in usual in many colleges.I will give you step by step instructions with some screens ,so that you can grab it easily.For having PPTP connection you must have three things : Username , password & Internet Address.After getting these things done,you may proceed now.

  1. First of all on your Keyboard, hold down the Windows Key, and press x to open the Quick Links Menu and click on the Control Panel.Screenshot (13)
  2. From Control Panel, Click on Network and Internet.2
  3. Now go on Network and Sharing Center.3
  4. Click on Set up a new connection or network.4
  5. Click Connect to a Workplace ,Then click Next.5
  6. After that check on create new connection or choose as you suit.6
  7. Click on Use my Internet Connection (VPN).7
  8. Now fill the details of your internet address and destination name ,then click on create.In my case , I used the internet address from PIA.8
  9. Now setup has done.Click on the network signal on taskbar as shown below and you will find the VPN you created.Click on it.Screenshot (10)
  10. Click on Advance Options..10
  11. Then Edit.Now Change the VPN type from Automatic to Point to Point Tunneling (PPTP).If you want you can put your Username and Pass here.Now save it ,go back and click connect.1415
  12. Following window will come.Put Username and Pass,then OK,if you have not filled in previous step.11
  13. Now all Done you are connected..!!!12 Screenshot (11)

I posted this , because in some colleges, students are unable to download via torrent client as torrent is blocked in some colleges.So use this method and enjoy downloading with torrent.