How to put a table in wordpress page ?


Sometimes we need to add tables in wordpress posts and pages for comparisons,tabular data presentions,lists etc, so that users can grab the information easily in points.Wordpress editor comes with many posting and editing features but for basic versions creating tables is not in the option there.We have to add some HTML and CSS coding that would be tedious job for beginners.So in this post I will give you the brief and sufficient guide step by step so you could learn creating tables in WP without any HTML and CSS coding.


  1. First go to your site’s WordPress Dashboard,Select Plugins and click on Add New.1_table
  2. After that following window will come where you have to search forTinyMCE Advanceda plugin.Don’t worry its 100% free.Click on install,it will automatically install in you WP directory from where you have to activate it.Actually in the image below I have already installed it thats why “installed” is shown.2_table
  3. After installing and activating the plugin.Go to the Settings > TinyMCE Advanced , where you will find the settings for the WP post editor which will appear in post editor each time from now on.You can drag buttons from the unused buttons below and drop them in the toolbars above, or drag the buttons in the toolbars to rearrange them.Atlast save changes.  3_table 4_table
  4. Now Try to create new post or page.( generally ) .You will see the different Editor from previous one now.A button will be shown which is mentioned in the image below.5_table
  5. Click on the Table button and Insert table from the menu you want.For eg. I have created the (3 x 4) table ,shown below in image.You can write what you want in each cells.You can also change the backgound of table and each cell also from table button.6_table 7_table


TinyMCE Advanced comes with 40+ Powerful Editor Features.This plugin is not used just for creating Tables only but for Formatting , Image Editing, Lists and much more.This plugin should be available in your WP Editor as it comes with many basic posting features.