Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 : Book of the Stranger, All Happenings & Reviews.


Game of Thrones season 6 episode 4 was released on Sunday 15 May 2016 on HBO.We have come with this article in which we will let you know about all happenings which actually happened in this episode of season 6 GOT.

BRIEF : Sansa, Brienne and Podrick arrive at Castle Black as the former is reunited with Jon Snow. At Winterfell, Osha attempts to assassinate Ramsay, but is killed herself in the process. Ramsay sends a letter to Jon, threatening harm to Rickon if Sansa is not returned. Jon and Sansa resolve to march south and take back Winterfell. In Meereen, Tyrion meets with the slave masters of Slaver’s Bay to offer peace if they will end slavery within seven years, an action that angers Missandei and Grey Worm. Littlefinger returns to the Vale to mobilize their soldiers against Ramsay Bolton. In King’s Landing, Margaery is permitted to visit Loras while Cersei, Jaime, Kevan and Lady Olenna plan to stop the High Sparrow. Theon arrives at Pyke and explains to Yara that he will support her claim at the Kingsmoot. Daario learns about Jorah’s greyscale as they arrive at Vaes Dothrak. Daenerys meets with the Khals and sets the temple of the Dosh Khaleen on fire, in the process killing Khal Moro and the other Khals. When she emerges unhurt, the Dothraki bow to her.

At Castle Black

In the previous episode Jon left the Lord Commanders postion and gave it to the Edd.This episode starts with Jons packing his clothes, things etc. and being ready to go to south.Edd said to him that he was with him (Jon) at Hardhome, they saw whats out there and yet he (Jon) want to leave.But Jon didn’t like what his brother did to him (killed him) and he already broken the oath.

Meanwhile Sansa,Brienne and Podrick reached to the Castle Black.Jon was very happy to see Sansa, her sister back.Sansa came to ask for help from his brother Jon to take back the Winterfell from the Boltons.But Jon is done with fighting.He said that he killed his brothers of the Nights watch, wildlings, men that he admired and hanged a boy younger than Bran.Looks Jon’s lost the confidence.Sansa said that if they don’t take back the North, they’ll never be safe.She want Jon to help her, but she’ll do this herself if she have to.

This part is from ending part of the episode.While they (Jon, Sansa, Tormond, Edd, Brienne, Podrick) were eating food, discussions were going on.A raven for the Lord Commander came from the Bolton.Ramsay wants Jon to return Sansa Stark back to him and come and see him at winterfell.It was also written in the raven that Rickon Stark is also in the hand of Ramsay.If Jon keep the Sansa away from Ramsay , then Ramsay will ride North and slaughter every wildling man, woman living under Jon’s protection.Some abusive words also written in the raven (not discussing here).Now Jon’s with Sansa in the War.

At the Meereen

The good masters of Astapor and Yunkai with their friends in Volantis who fund Sons of the Harpy are invited to the Meereen for a deal.Tyrion said on behalf of the Queen Daenerys that slavery will never return to Meereen, but she will give the other cities of Slavers Bay time to adjust the new order.The Proposal is : Masters will be given 7 years to end the Slavery practice and in exchange they will cut off the support for the sons of the Harpy.This will atleast stop the recent murderings in the Meereen.

At Eyrie

Lord Baelish finally makes his season six debut, as a scheming and a plotting as usual, a clever person who plays from both sides.He brings falcon for Robin Arryn, Lord of the Vale as a congratulation present as he missed Robin’s name day.

Lord Royce asked Baelish that he was supposed to take Sansa Stark home with him to Fingers.But instead she has been married to Ramsay Bolton in Winterfell.Baelish replied on their way they found large force of Bolton men and he did what was right for her,Here Baelish played game.All these questioning by Royce to Baelish didn’t liked by Robin.Robin wanted to throw him through the Moon Door but Baelish stopped him and said that Royce has served the Vale very well and he would make a capable commander in wars to come.

With some heavy prompting from Littlefinger,Robin decided that his army will march North to defeat the Boltons and save Sansa.Baelish said “The time has come to join the Fray”.

Vaes Dothrak

Jorah Mormont and Daario Naharis valiantly entered in the Vaes Dothrak to rescue Daenerys Targaryen.They infiltrated Vaes Dothrak and found her.They could take the Daenerys out of the city but she stopped them, she’s got a new plan, for that she needed Jorah and Daario.Finally time came for the Khalar Vezham, where it will be decided whether Daenerys will be Dosh Khaleen or not.She was brought in front of all the khalasar.She said this is where Drogo promised to take his Khalasar west to where the worlds end.To ride wooden horses (ships) across the Black salt sea as no Khal has done before.Daenerys shown up before the Khals laughed on their faces on making rape Jokes, villages they had raid, demand of horses in tribute.She called them small men, considered brutal in Dothraki.She said none of them are fit to lead the Dothraki but her and she will.All this led the Khal to give her no Dosh Khaleen.Instead they’ll take turn fucking her, Khal said.Daenerys burnt them all there and get out from there uneffected by fire and complete nude in front of all Dothraki.All were seeing the miracle that fire can’t burn Daenerys.Once again Dothrakis felt to their knees and now she is the one who’s leading the entire Dothraki horde.All hail Daenerys.!

Kings landing

Margaery was taken in front of the High Sparrow where he shared the story of his religious awakening.Sparrow said that his father was a cobbler who died when he was young and he took over his shop.The highborn liked to cover their feet with the shoes made by him and he got paid very well in return, but Sparrow used that money to take a taste of a highborns life.With that money he bought old fine wine and young pretty girls and invited his friends to come and share it all.After passing around the wine and woman, they fell into the stupor.He woke before the dawn, he could barely stand.His friends and women were lying here and there , they smelt like poors without perfumes.He realised his sins.The gold he had, the wine he drank, the women he used and his tough struggle to maintain his position were his sins.He walked out the door and never returned.

In the Council meeting Olenna Tyrell, Kevan Lannister, Jiame Lannister and Cersei have created a very cautious alliance for stopping High Sparrow, but that doesn’t mean that Lady Olenna has forgotten all, what Cersei did to her family.House Tyrell has resolved to send their army (apparently the second largest army in Westeros) to take back Kings Landing from the Faith militants.In this way the walk of atonement can be stopped for Margaery and they can get back broken Loras Tyrell out of prison.Also Kevan wants his son Lancel out of Faith Militant.

At the Pyke

Theon Grejoy has finally reached to the Pyke, his home.But Yara Grejoy is very angry on him as her men died trying to rescue Theon and in return Theon betrayed her.Yara’s mad because Theon happened to show up just right before the Kingsmoot.She suspects to throw her claim to the Salt Throne.But Theon don’t want to rule anymore but her.He will be on her side now.

At Winterfell

Osha (wildling) was brought to the Ramsay.Osha tried to trick Ramsay same way as she did back to Theon.She mistaken that Ramsay will trap into her trick.But as Theon was Ramsay’s slave.Theon told him all about how Stark boys escaped and whom helped them and how.So this trick backfired to Osha and she is no more in the Game of Thrones.Ramsay stabbed the Osha with fruit peeler Knife right on her neck and she died.

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