Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 : The Door, All Happenings & Reviews.


Game of Thrones season 6 episode 5 was released on Sunday 22 May 2016 on HBO.We have come with this article in which we will let you know about all happenings which actually happened in this episode of season 6 GOT.

BRIEF : Sansa meets Petyr Baelish, who offers the support of the Vale and tells her that Brynden Tully is gathering an army at Riverrun; she refuses his help. Jon and Sansa leave Castle Black to gather support from the other Northern houses. In Braavos, Arya trains with the Waif and is given a second chance to prove her loyalty by killing an actress. Beyond the Wall, Bran learns that the White Walkers were created by the Children of the Forest to protect themselves from the First Men. In the Iron Islands, Euron Greyjoy wins the Kingsmoot despite confessing to killing Balon, causing Yara and Theon to flee. Beyond the sea, Daenerys learns about Jorah’s greyscale. At Meereen, a red priestess, Kinvara, meets Tyrion and Varys and offers to support Daenerys. Bran’s unaccompanied vision causes him to be touched by the Night King, making the cave vulnerable. The Night King, along with White Walkers and hordes of wights, ambush the cave, killing the Three-Eyed Raven, several Children of the Forest, Bran’s direwolf Summer, and Hodor, whose younger self is shown to have been rendered mentally disabled by Bran’s interference.

At Castle Black

Petyr Baelish met with Sansa Stark at Mole’s town.Baelish was pretending that how happy he is by seeing Sansa back unharmed.Baelish said that he rode north with the knights of the Vale to come to her aid.Sansa said ” Did you know about Ramsay ? “.If you didn’t know, you’re an idiot ; if you know, you’re my enemy.She did everything so she could made Baelish acknowledge that she had been raped.She want to let him know what happened to her.But Baelish said he made a horrible mistake that he underestimated a stranger.Sansa said the other things Ramsay did, ladies aren’t supposed to talk about those things, but brothel keepers talk about them all time.Baelish asked for forgiveness.But Sansa said go back to Moat Cailin.She and Jon will take back the North on their own.she don’t want to see him again.

Baelish told one more thing before he left.He said that her great-uncle Brynden the Blackfish has gathered what remains of Tully forces and retaken the Riverrun.She can seek help from him as Jon’s army is insufficient to beat Boltons at Winterfell.

Jon decided to ask an aid from other houses : Glover, Mormont, Cervyn, Mazin, Hornwood and two dozen more.Together they equal all other houses .Sansa said Tullys are not northerners but they will back them against the Boltons without question.Sansa didn’t let the Jon know that she has received info about Blackfish from Baelish.Sansa sent Brienne to personally met with his uncle the Blackfish and ask him help Starks in the war.

At the Braavos

Jaquen H’ghar is giving history class to Arya Stark about the origin of Faceless Man.None of the first Faceless man were born to lords and ladies, they began as slaves in the mines of Valyria.The Many-Faced God taught him(first faceless man) to shed his face and how to give gifts.That man taught others in exchange for their services.Soon all the Masters and overseers were gone and the faceless men fled.They founded the Free city of Braavos and built the house of Black and White.The faces present in the house of B & W were the faces they wore.And now Arya is one of them, a faceless.

This time the girl (Arya) has given a second chance to prove herself as a faceless.She has sent to kill a certain woman, Lady Crane, a grand dame of Braavosi stage.Arya attended the play performed by Lady Crane and her crew.Seeing play was very shameful for her as her family members were made the subject of fun.But when Arya sneaked backstage, she found that Lady Crane is a decent woman when she was not playing.Instead a younger artist seems jealous of Lady Crane and wants her dead.But Arya didn’t killed the Lady Crane as she’s pretty okay.Arya questioned herself, So is that what faceless men do ? kill the innocent people.She went back to Jaqen asked him, why she have to kill Lady crane? Jaqen replied “does death only come for the wicked and leave the decent behind ?” NO.The servant doesn’t ask questions, Jaqen said.

Bran and Three Eyed Raven

Bran and Three Eyed Raven again surfing back into the past.Bran found that Children of the forest are responsible for creating the White walkers.Initially white walkers were men, but Children of forest created them by plunging dragon glass into their heart.They created white walkers for their own protection.They were at war, they were being slaughtered, their sacred trees were cut down and they needed to defend themselves from the Men.

Bran again went to vision land , this time alone where an army of white walkers descends on the Heart tree.The Night king saw Bran in the vision and put mark on his hand by touching him.Now Night king know where Bran is.He’s coming to kill Bran and 3 eyed raven.

In the night it was feeling colder.The Night king finally reached where Bran is, with his dead army.Meera Reed and Hodor found that white walkers have come for Bran.As Bran was still in his vision, so they can’t wake him up, which makes getting out of there more difficult for them.Children of forest bringing some time on the gate by fighting against white walkers by their magic bombs.Now the question rise in you mind, whats the fucking thing Bran’s seeing in his vision ? He seeing the winterfell when his dad was child, where boy Hodor is also present.

The white walkers entered inside the tree.Meera killed the bunch of them(wights) and killed a white walker.They left the three eyed raven and run with Bran.Night king turned the three eyed raven into dust in the vision.For bringing more time one awful child of forest sacrificed herself and killed bunch of wights along with her.

And then they reached the door.Meera and Hodor managed to take out Bran from the tree right before closing the door on a flood of wights.As Meera drags Bran off, she told Hodor to stay and hold the door.Meanwhile Bran was still in his vision.Its shown that Bran warged into the Wylis in his vision.Wylis felt to the ground and kept saying again and again ” Hold the Door, Hold the Door, Hold the Door….Hold Door, Hold Door…HODOR.This is how Wylis is known to be Hodor.

At the Pyke

To choose the new king all the ironborns gathered in the name of Drowned God.Yara Grejoy made the claim, daughter of Balon Grejoy.But men said that they never had a queen before, not once.Yara replied they’ve never made their mark upon the world.The lords of westeros pay them no mind.She said when she become the queen, she will build the largest fleet that a world seen before.But a man objected ” A woman will not lead them, not when Balon’s own male heir has returned.Now Theon’s speech starts and he said Yara is worthy of the Salt Throne.

Suddenly Euron Grejoy, Balon’s brother came from the crowd and claims the Salt Throne.Euron accepted that he killed Balon.He threw him right over a rope bridge and watched him fell.Euron said he(Balon) was leading them to nowhere, No one loved him, No one wanted to follow him.He led them into two wars they couldn’t win.Balon should be killed years ago.Euron said he’ll make the largest fleet and across the sea there is a person (Daenerys) who hates lords of westeros as much they do.Euron said he’ll build the fleet and give it to her.Euron’s thinking of winning the seven kingdoms along Daenerys side. Super LOL.

Daenerys on her way back to Meereen

Jorah Mormont finally confess his love for his Khaleesi.Daenerys said that he saved her twice and yet she banished him.She commanded Jorah the Andal to find the cure of the Grey Scale and return to her.She said when she take the seven kingdoms, she nedd him by her side.Now Jorah on his way and Daenerys on her.

In the Meereen

The result of the pact with masters is no one killed by the Sons of the Harpy.So its safe to say that peace has taken hold, for now.But according to Tyrion thats not enough to bring peace in Meereen.The people of the Meereen need to know Daenerys is responsible for it.Tyrion said that they need someone the people trust, someone they know cannot be bought or influenced.For that a priestess has hired who will preach on behalf of Targaryen.High priestess Rachel Weisz, the Lord of Light devotee.She said Daenerys in the one who was promised from the fire she was reborn to remake this world.She said that her dragons are gifts from Lord of the Light.Tyrion wants Daenerys to be worshipped and obeyed.For that priestess will summon her most eloquent priests who will spread the word that Daenerys has been sent to lead the people against the darkness in this war and the great war still to come.

But Varys said that why should he trust her to know any more than the priestess who counseled Stannis ? Rachel Weisz narrates Varys’s entire childhood trauma back to him and implies that he himself might have heard the lord of light speak to him as a boy.Varys shocked.! 

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