Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8 : No One, All Happenings & Reviews


Game of Thrones season 6 episode 8 was released on Sunday 12 June 2016 on HBO.We have come with this article in which we will let you know about all happenings which actually happened in this episode of season 6 GOT.

BRIEF : Arya is taken in by Lady Crane, who heals her wounds, but in the morning the Waif arrives, kills Lady Crane and chases Arya through the streets of Braavos. Arya leads the Waif into the catacombs and kills the Waif, before returning her face to the House of Black and White and declaring that she is Arya Stark.Tommen decrees that trial by combat will be abolished and replaced by trial by the faith, much to Cersei’s dismay. Brienne arrives at Riverrun and attempts to persuade the Blackfish to surrender, without success. After Jaime threatens to kill Edmure Tully’s young son, Edmure orders the Tully forces to stand down, but the Blackfish is killed fighting the Lannisters(Not Confirmed). Brienne escapes. Varys departs Meereen on an unknown mission. Soon after his departure, Meereen comes under naval assault by the slaving cities, but Daenerys returns. Sandor Clegane kills the outlaws who sacked his village and encounters Ser Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr, who explain that the outlaws were renegades.

In the Braavos , “No One”

The episode starts with Lady Crane performing her play part as Cersei, mourning for her son’s loss.The crowd got serious for the first time may be.After end of play Lady Crane came back to her chamber where she found Arya Stark, deeply injured in her gut by the Waif in previous episode.Arya stumbled back into her(Lady Crane) life and a hole in her gut.She patched up Arya’s wound as she’s good in healing work.She said that in past she put many holes in men, felt terrible and in the end patched all the wounds.First wounding, then healing. LOL

In morning while Arya sleeping and Lady Crane rammages around for milk of poppy, The Waif shows up and killed Lady Crane gruesomely.The many faced god was promised a name and he must always receive what is his and received Lady Cranes face and now he’s been promised an another name , Arya Stark.After that Arya runs to save herself in wounded condition.A kind of ridiculous chase started in which Arya is running, jumping from heights, still bleeding and the Waif behind her.*I don’t know how Arya ran so fast while she’s got hole in her gut and still not healed properly.

Arya eventually lures the Waif into a secret chamber where Arya had hidden her Needle.She OFF the light and killed the Waif in the dark because we know she’s capable of blind assassination now.She brings the Waifs face to the House of Black & White where Jaqen is impressed by Arya’s work.Jaqen said “Finally a girl is no one”.Arya in return said “A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell”.She’s going home now.It was cleared from the beginning that Arya would end up staying Arya.

Hound in Brotherhood

Hound is on his way of getting revenge upon the Brotherhood men who killed Septon Ray and his crew.On his way he found four nasty men of Brotherhood.He chopped all of them like a butcher.The last one was hit in the crotch.Hound asked him where Septon Ray’s killer is.That guy didn’t tell him.Hound said “You’re shit at dying, you know that ?” and finished the work , killed him.

Later he finds Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr, who were preparing to hang those men of brotherhood who raged over the Septon Ray and his crew.He told Beric that he like to kill them all.Beric allowed him to take any two of them and hang them not butcher them.Hound also took new boots from one of deads.

Beric treated him food and wine but hound prefers chicken.Beric wants to join Hound with them so that they can use them in the north against the white walkers, they knew whats going beyond north of the wall.Thoros said that they are here for a reason.The Lord of Light got plans for them.In all likelihood he’ll be heading north to help the Brotherhood fight the Walkers, which is bad news for the walkers.

In the Kings landing

Qyburn came with the news to Cersei at Red Keep that several members of Faith militant have been permitted entry to the Red Keep and they demanded to see her.King Tommen aware of all this.Lancel Lannister came with some Faith Militants with an order of High Sparrow, that he wishes to talk with Cersei at the Great Sept of Baelor.But Cersei is not going there, she said he’s most welcome here at Red Keep.Militants by force tried to take Cersei but the Mountain (Gregor Clegane) became wall between them.The Mountain plucked the head of one of the militant with his hand.So Cersei on her of Violence.

In the throne room, King Tommen announced after confering with High Sparrow that Ser Loras and Cersei Lannister’s  trial will be held in the Great Sept of Baelor on the first day of the festival of mother with the new rule of trial.According to the new rule the Trial by combat is forbidden in all the seven kingdoms.Now Cersei and Loras Tyrell will stand trial before seven Septons as it was in the earliest days of the Faith.

Ohh I forgot about Qyburn.Qyburn’s telling Cersei that some of the rumors which she told are happened to be real, his little birds investigated.But it wasn’t shown in the episode that what are these rumors ? But I suspect that these rumors are about Daenerys the Dragon mother or about the White walkers or could be about Hound.

In the Meereen

Varys and Tyrion were wandering in the Meereen market.Looks like peace has been established in the city.The treaty with Masters was a successful gambit, according to Tyrion.But Varys suspects.Varys said that he have made a pact with fanatics.If you shaved your beard with a straight razor, you’d  say the razor worked.That doesn’t mean it won’t cut your throat.So Varys has gotten himself out of the Meereen on  Secret Mission.I think the objective of this secret mission is either to sneak out of the Meereen before its too late or he really wants to help Daenerys by making friends in Westeros and arrangement of ships, we’ll find.

After Varys’s departure, Tyrion, Grey Worm and Missandei were enjoying wines, telling jokes ;they thought that peace has finally come to Meereen.But Sudden alarm sounds,signalling enemy.The Masters have come for their property.Grey Worm and Missandei already said before that this would happen.They blame Tyrion’s negotiation tactics for that.”No more talkings from you”,Grey Worm says.According to Grey Worm, they will not go to the beach otherwise Masters will take pyramid and its the only place they can defend.Meanwhile a sudden thuddling and ratting sound heard.Don’t worry, The Dragon has come with Daenerys.Now in the next episode we’ll see Dragon taking part in the fight.

In the Riverrun

Brienne of Tarth finally arrived at the Riverrun as Sansa sent her to seek help from her uncle, The Blackfish in the war to come in North.Brienne met with Jaime Lannister .She came to find that House Tully is in seize under him.Brienne told Jaime to allow her to enter Riverrun under a flag of truce, So that she could try to persuade the Blackfish to give up castle and in return Jaime allow him to lead the Tully forces safely North.

But unfortunately persuading the Blackfish is not child’s play.Brienne failed in persuading him.Blackfish understands that Sansa Stark wants her home back, but he also want to defend his home.

Jaime & Edmure Show : Jaime is blackmailing Edmure.Edmure have a son sired on his wedding night with Frey daughter, but he have never met with his son and wife after that night.Jaime can arrange all this for him.Comfortable rooms for him at Casterly Rock, A tutor for his boy, knights to train him to fight and to ride.But Edmure don’t want any negotiation with Jaime after ha had massacred his Family.All this led to finally Jaime revert to Villain form.Jaime said that he love Cersei, she needs him and to get back to her, he have to take Riverrun and for that he would even launch Edmure’s son onto Riverrun with a catapult, if thats the last option he had.

Parents do everything to save their children,So Edmure does for his son.Edmure Tully, son of Hoster Tully and the rightful Lord of Riverrun entered into the castle.Since he’s the rightful Lord of Riverrun so no other man can disobey him but Blackfish.Edmure Commands his men to surrender and put Blackfish in chains and hand over to Freys.

Meanwhile Brienne and Podrick sneaked out of the castle with the help of Blackfish.I also got the news that Blackfish has died fighting(Not confirmed).I don’t believe until I see someone dead.

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Authors Line

Guys point to be noted.We haven’t seen the dead bodies of Stannis and Blackfish yet, have we.Is there a hope ? Stannis got less chance as Brienne admitted that she has avenged Renly but what about Blackfish.Showing killed famous roles is the speciality of GOT.

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