AirTel latest revised 3G/4G Plans to counter Jio effect

AirTel updated its plans by reducing prices upto 80% to overcome Jio


After the advent of Reliance Jio, Airtel feeling insecure. People are going for Jio. As in Jio you can get 100% free 4G data + Voice calls + Video calls for three months (upto 31 dec 2016) as a welcome offer. Initial speed in Jio was around 30 Mbps I experienced but since last 3-4 days the speed is reduced to 6-7 Mbps. To counter attack Airtel launched a 4G plan @ Rs. 1495 offering 30GB data for 90 days. According to this plan you will get data of 15GB and 15GB by installing the Airtel App. After consuming 30GB data the plan is unlimited but the speed will be throttled to 64Kbps. This plan is meant for only prepaid users. Initially plans are available in Delhi circle and rest of the circles will get option to recharge this 4g plan in phased manner. If you compare Airtel 4G 1495 to Jio 4G 1499, you will get the following results :

Airtel 4G Plan 1495 vs Jio 4G Plan 1499

OfferAirtel 4G plan 1495Jio 4G Plan 1499
PriceRs 1495Rs 1499
Day data30GB20GB
WiFi dataNo40GB
Validity90 days28 days
Free Calls (L/N)NoYes, HD Voice
Free ISD callsNo30 Mins
ISD Rate cutterNoYes
Free SMSNo100/day
Night 4GNoUnlimited (2AM-5AM)
Free Apps usageNoYes
FUP Speed64kbps128kbps

Airtel not only introduced 30Gb @ Rs. 1495 but updated all the recharge amounts of other plans. You can say that every plan’s price got reduced. According to Gadgets360, Airtel’s plan actually works out to be in line with the promised Rs. 50 per GB rate that Reliance Jio was announced to be – you’re paying Rs. 1,495 for 30GB, which works out to just under Rs. 50 per GB for 90 days, with a usage limit of 30GB, after which you have unlimited 2G usage. On the other hand, with Jio, you can get 20GB of data for Rs. 1,499, which has 28 days validity so not only are you paying more per GB (Rs. 75 per GB) but if your usage isn’t that high, then you’ll end up paying a lot more on a monthly basis. Here below we have made a informative table to let our customers know that what are the updates in the data plans offered by Airtel. This plan table is latest.

AirTel 3G/4G Updated Data Plans

Special 3G/4G AirTel Data Plans

Recharge Price
Rs. 4982GB 3G/4G. For next 6 months get 1GB 3G/4G Data for 28 days on recharge of Rs. 12128 days
Rs. 7483GB 3G/4G. For next 6 months get 1GB 3G/4G @ Rs. 99 & 2.5GB 3G/4G @ Rs. 25928 days
Rs. 149515GB 3G/4G. For 4G handsets only, claim your Free internet for 90 days on My Airtel App 64Kbps speed post 30GB90 days
Rs. 14986GB 3G/4G. For next 1 year get 1GB 3G/4G @ Rs. 51, 2GB 3G/4G @ Rs. 99, 5GB 3G/4G @ Rs. 25928 days

Prepaid 3G/4G AirTel Data Plans

Recharge PriceFeaturesValidity
Rs. 1145MB 3G/4G1 day
Rs. 1765MB 3G/4G2 days
Rs. 24100MB 3G/4G Data2 days
Rs. 2770MB 3G/4G30 days
Rs. 2975MB 3G/4G30 days
Rs. 44110MB 3G/4G28 days
Rs. 49200MB 3G/4G5 days
Rs. 511GB 3G/4G Night (12:00-6:00)1 day
Rs. 67270MB 3G/4G7 days
Rs. 91275MB 3G/4G7 days
Rs. 99400MB 3G/4G11 days
Rs. 1011GB 3G/4G2 days
Rs. 1211GB 3G/4G Data. For next 6 months get 1GB 3G/4G Data for 28 days after recharge of Rs. 49828 days
Rs. 146550MB 3G/4G15 days
Rs. 148500MB 3G/4G28 days
Rs. 149600MB 3G/4G16 days
Rs. 169500MB 3G/4G10 days
Rs. 186400MB 3G/4G day & night + 400MB night (12AM – 6AM)28 days
Rs. 189550MB 3G/4G21 days
Rs. 198800MB 3G/4G21 days
Rs. 209625MB 3G/4G14 days
Rs. 219650MB 3G/4G14 days
Rs. 245850MB 3G/4G21 days
Rs. 2591GB 3G/4G28 days
Rs. 2961GB 3G/4G day & night + 1GB night (12AM – 6AM)28 days
Rs. 2991.25GB 3G/4G28 days
Rs. 3291.4GB 3G/4G21 days
Rs. 3461GB 3G/4G+ 2GB night (12AM-6AM)28 days
Rs. 3592GB 3G/4G28 days
Rs. 4593GB 3G/4G28 days
Rs. 4961GB 3G/4G+ 5GB night (12AM-6AM)28 days
Rs. 4982GB 3G/4G Data. For next 6 months get 1GB 3G/4G Data for 28 days on Airtel recharge of Rs. 121.28 days
Rs. 5594GB 3G/4G28 days
Rs. 5994.5GB 3G/4G28 days
Rs. 659[email protected]/4G Speed + [email protected] + Post [email protected]28 days
Rs. 699[email protected]/4G Speed + [email protected] + Post [email protected]28 days
Rs. 7483GB 3G/4G 28days.Now for 6 months get 1GB [email protected] & 2.5GB [email protected]6 months
Rs. 799[email protected]/4G Speed + [email protected] + Post [email protected]28 days
Rs. 8997.5GB 3G/4G Data28 days
Rs. 9564GB 3G/4G day + 4GB night (12AM – 6AM)28 days
Rs. 99910GB 3G/4G28 days
Rs. 149515GB 3G/4G for 90 days. For 4G handsets only, claim your Free internet for 90 days on My Airtel App 64Kbps speed post 30GB90 days
Rs. 14986GB 3G/4G 28days.Now for 1 year get 1GB [email protected], 2GB [email protected],5GB [email protected]12 months
Rs. 149915GB 3G/4G, 15 to 17GB @ 80kbps ,post [email protected] kbps28 days
Rs. 17495GB 3G/4G, [email protected]/MB, Unlimited Local calls (Mobile+Fixedline), 100 SMS/day, Unltd.28 days
Rs. 22497GB 3G/4G, [email protected]/MB, Unlimited Local+STD+Roaming (Mobile+Fixedline), 100 SMS/day, Unltd.28 days
Rs. 324915GB 3G/4G, [email protected]/MB, Unlimited Local+STD+Roaming (Mobile+FL), 100 SMS/day,Unltd. Songs on Wynk Music & (Eros/Hooq) Movies/month on Wynk Movies28days
Rs. 334620GB 3G/4G day + 20GB night ( 12AM – 6AM)28 days

Postpaid 3G/4G AirTel Data Plans

Recharge PriceFeaturesValidity
Rs. 150500MB 4G/3G Data (Post 500MB Data Charges Apply)Bill Cycle
Rs. 2501GB 4G/3G Data (Post 1GB Data Charges Apply)Bill Cycle
Rs. 4503GB 4G/3G Data (Post 3GB Data Charges Apply)Bill Cycle
Rs. 6505GB 4G/3G Data (Post 5GB Data Charges Apply)Bill Cycle
Rs. 8507GB 4G/3G Data (Post 7GB Data Charges Apply)Bill Cycle
Rs. 100010 GB 4G/3G Data (Post 10GB Data Charges Apply)Bill Cycle
Rs. 150015GB 4G/3G Data (Post 15GB Data Charges Apply)Bill Cycle
Rs. 200020GB 4G/3G Data (Post 20GB Data Charges Apply)Bill Cycle

Terms & conditions

  • You will not need to change your SIM card to enjoy airtel 3G services.
  • You will require a 3G enabled handset & airtel 3G network to enjoy 3g services – we recommend you to go for a HSPA handset, to truly enjoy the power of airtel 3G.
  • All packs will work on both handset and dongles and other 3G enabled devices like tablets/laptop etc.
  • Video call will be activated by default once customer is activated on 3G.
  • National roaming on 3G is available only on airtel 3G network.
  • Free data usage available in 3G data packs is not applicable in international roaming.
  • Video calls are NOT guaranteed on international roaming but might be successful in some networks.
  • Video calls if successful will be charged as per the visited network tariff.
  • Daily pack will lapse on day of recharge i.e. valid upto 23:59 hrs on the day of recharge.
  • Actual Internet speed would depend on multiple factors like device, web pages accessed, time of day, number of simultaneous users etc.
  • Free data usage bundled with any existing offer including handset offers, will not be part of 3G services packs, unless mentioned explicitly.
  • Services on the airtel 3G USB internet modem are subject to airtel 3G network availability.
  • After Bill shield internet and charging will stop. To Enjoy uninterrupted internet, upgrade to a higher data pack by Sending SMS 3G to 121.
  • Above mentioned Prepaid packs are national recharges, for circle specific recharges click here.

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