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  • Are you looking for earning money online with less effort ?
  • Do your website have good enough traffic & want to earn ?
  • Do you have a good social media platform ?
  • Are you looking for the best and high paying shorten URL site ?
  • Do your site has a content that includes downloading, redirection or anything that intend users to jump from main URL to destination ?

My friends if the above mentioned questions are also rotating in your mind then don’t worry you’re at right place. Today I’ll tell you about How to earn just by shortening and sharing URLs. You can have daily of approx 20$ in your pocket with this site. Every new blogger can use it on their respective sites. It doesn’t take a single penny from you but just a sign up and a good traffic. Just cool your mind and read the whole article.

Shorten Links and EARN Money!


Most of you may have already known or may be not about “LinkShrink”. We are using on our site from last 8 months and I have to say that we have earned a lot without any effort at all. In the beginning the per day revenue was not that good but as our site got famous we are able to earn 25-30$ per day as of today. Now lets see whats LinkShrink is. As the name suggest Link + Shrink, i.e, Shrink or shorten the URL or Link. LinkShrink is the fastest and simplest way to earn income online, specifically designed to start earning money within minutes. Every funny video, image, file, or any other web page that you’ve ever linked to or shared is making money for someone. Take this opportunity to start benefiting from this and earn some monthly income with little work.

Idea Behind Earning

The idea behind earnings is to bring together web users and advertising companies in a way that is beneficial for everyone. The LinkShrink Team has a large network of contact with many highly rated advertising companies. No Porn content will be shown on Ads in between. When you Click to the Shortened URL then it’ll redirect you to the Advertisement Page where you have to wait 5 seconds and then Just “Skip It”, Now you will be redirected to the destination Link or URL you intended. The Revenue generated by this short term Ads visit is used to Pay you. This is the Simple concept behind LinkShrink.

How to get started ?

  1. Register : First thing you have to do is Sign Up. (Just follow this link)
  2. Start Shortening : After successful sign up, you will see a Top Bar named “SHRINK”. Just put your link which you wanted to be shorten into it and click “SHRINK”. A new link will come, just share this link to everywhere from where you can generate a traffic, i.e, put in it some content that other user just can’t skip it.shorten-url
  3. Share it : You can share that shorten URL everywhere on the Internet. You can also use the power of social medias like facebook, twitter, google+, Youtube etc. You can also share the shorten URLs to your blogs, forums, wordpress or anywhere you think that user may click it. Remember the more visits you get, the more earnings your will be.
  4. Track your Earnings : To track your earnings, Just go to the “STATISTICS” tab. There you’ll see your per day earning graph and countries from where you’re extracting revenue.stats


  • Highest Rates : Make the most out of your traffic with our always increasing rates. Multiple views also counted! Maximum of about 9$/1000 clicks, rest depend countrywise. Best earning Rates.
  • Fast and Simple: Shorten any link, share it and start earning with Linkshrink!
  • Withdrawl : Minimum withdrawal of only $5. Get paid with PayPal, Payza or Bitcoin within 4 days!
  • Detailed Stats : Know your audience. Analyse in detail what brings you the most income and what strategies you should adapt. Real time detailed statistics.
  • High quality ads : Those Ads are shown that don’t distract your visitors. No any porn content is shown in Ads.
  • Referral Bonus : Invite friends to Linkshrink and earn 20% of their earnings as a commission for lifetime!
  • Websites Scripts & Tools : Multiple Shrinks, Custom Shrinks, Quick Shrinks and Website Scripts you can use. Implement the small scripts to monetize your traffic if you planning on bringing traffic from your website

Payout Rates

Linkshrink is highly trusted and have the highest rates in this type of affiliate program. It pays for each legitimate visitor you bring to your links with the provided rates depending on the visitor’s country. Multiple views from the same viewer are also counted thus you will be benefiting from all your traffic.

Earnings per 1000 Views
KW Kuwait $9.62
QA Qatar $6.47
US United States $6.09
OM Oman $5.52
AE United Arab Emirates $5.52
IQ Iraq $4.28
BH Bahrain $3.52
GB United Kingdom $3.43
NO Norway $3.33
SA Saudi Arabia $3.33
ZA South Africa $3.14
FI Finland $3.14
DK Denmark $3.14
AU Australia $3.14
IN India $3.05
SE Sweden $3.05
NZ New Zealand $2.86
IS Iceland $2.57
SK Slovakia $2.48
SI Slovenia $2.48
LV Latvia $2.38
NG Nigeria $2.19
IE Ireland $2.19
CY Cyprus $2.19
LU Luxembourg $2.19
EE Estonia $2.00
CH Switzerland $1.90
EG Egypt $1.90

For other countries you can visit “Payout Rates

Referral Program

Apart from earning on shrinked links, LinkShrink also offers a referral program by which you can earn extra income by spreading the word about LinkShrink. Once you Register an account on LinkShrink, a referral link is generated for your account which may be found here. To benefit from this program, you need to share this link with your friends, social followers or visitors. You will earn 20% of your invited users’ income for lifetime! This means that if you refer 10 users to LinkShrink and each one of them earns $2 daily, you will be earning a total of $4 daily without any effort at all. The referral program is a great way to earn some extra easy money while spreading the word about LinkShrink. If you’re slight good in photoshop then create attractive banners that can be used to invite new users to LinkShrink.

Payment Proof

Some Payment Stats from Last month.

My Advice

I am using LinkShrink from last 8 months and already generated lots of money. In the beginning you may face problems but as you get more traffic your earning will be automatically increased. You can generate 25-30$ per day if you have a descent traffic on your site. For Payments I can vouch for LinkShrink, they have never missed a payment and all payments have been completed within the provided time frame.

Apart of all these benefits there is one limitation which I saw. I want to advise you that don’t use the shorten links too much. This will bring a bad impression on the users and they will try to find other alternatives to get rid of your site and in the end low traffic and Hence reduction in Income. So don’t use more than 2 levels in shrinking the URLs. I hope you may earn a lot. Also share more sites you know and for any queries comment below.

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