FreePremium is a destination point for all those users who want to take premium things at absolutely free of cost which is managed and edited by a trio of three members Ħē_ɱač, SIMPLE and DM, all are college students. Each of us got assigned particular work by me (Ħē_ɱač) on the basis of our skills. I (Ħē_ɱač) create content by posts, pages and also manage plugins & site layout on desktop and mobile and invests money. SIMPLE and DM are more experienced than me (Ħē_ɱač). SIMPLE also create posts, manage updates and comments on posts and he’s is super spy who works in darkness by seeing people who’s coming and going from here.He’s is our security incharge. DM is the person who’s responsible for all technical stuff which are beyond the scope of me ,i.e high level coding and hosting and errors.

What Things you get here
  • Popular Deals and Coupons (FlipKart, Amazon, Paytm, freecharge, Snapdeal etc)
  • Study section that incudes Udemy, Lynda, Pluralsight course.
  • Sufficient guides in “HOW TO” section.
  • Tricks like Free Internet tricks, google tricks, earning tricks etc.
  • In Misc section you can find stuff like TV show reviews,sports and world news and much more.
  • We also share premium accounts (Netflix, Spotify, zbigz, scribd and much more)
  • VPN section is also there.
  • In future we keep updating and fulfilling our users demands.

Ħē_ɱačWell I (Ħē_ɱač) am the force behind the FreePremium. When it comes to talk about the ownership, then I’m the owner of this site. I’m the 19 years old boy, doing Mech. Engg. in Delhi. Contradiction here is that what a guy of Mech. is doing is CS field. The reason is I’m deeply passionate in online stuffs regarding web developing and earning tactics. When I was on DM‘s site I found many guys have their own sites on different subjects, So I also decided to to make my own site and for that I need experienced men and I got helped by SIMPLE and DM themselves. Thanks to them for all this. All things on this sites are purely made by us, if not we stated source for that. As there are many people who don’t have enough money to buy premium accounts thats why this site is for those who really needed. You can say that it is a all-in-one site. We do not crack or violate any copyright law.

Anyways Thanks for stopping by, Please keep visiting our site for best things, we make sure so that our users get what best available in the market. For info and questions you can contact me.

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