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logging alone is quite a tedious job even for a free person yet I’m very busy person, everyone is busy. You can’t handle a site on your own for a long time. A Team is always required so that work is distributed and shared. In this way a site can compete with others on Internet and different content attracts more people. Thats why I’m giving you the opportunity to Join up with our team and be a part of family. You are most welcome here to post and earn.

Right now we have 18.9 k Subscribers and 3 Admins but no Author or Editor. So if you want you can show your skills in blogging at here. Don’t worry, we will not force you to post everyday. Our motto is, Post late but post great. You must be thinking that why should I join ? then the answer is :

  • You can Earn Rs. 5/post.
  • The Big the Team, The More the Content, The More the Rank and hence The More Earning.
  • Those who don’t want to invest money in blogging or don’t have to a site, then FreePremium is a right place for you.
  • You’ll be treated as a freind, as a family. We won’t force you to post an article.
  • You should admit that this site has lot more potential to rule on Internet.

Authors can publish and manage their own posts, and are able to upload files.

Only 5 Authors will be Selected

Application Requirements (Answer the Followings)

  1. Do you have any blogging experience ? If have, then how much ? Don’t worry if you have nil experience but you should know about writing a content, a unique one.
  2. Why do you want be an Author at FreePremium ?
  3. Why do you deserve to be an author more than others ?
  4. What can you do for the FreePremium ? I mean in which section you can post.
  5. Write an article (doc file) and mail it to our official mail ([email protected]).
All Answers are to mailed in single file.

Terms and Conditions

  1. One person can post only 1 thread per day. If we are extremely impressed then we’ll increase your counts.
  2. Copying from this site to other and other site to this site is not allowed. Don’t even copy from your sites also, if you have.
  3. When we will get some income from FreePremium then we will share some according to us. If you need we can provide you a premium account from our bags personally for you in exchange for posting a thread (We don’t have premiums of all the sites on the web)
  4. You are not allowed to post in Premium Accounts section. First you have to take permission before posting in any category.
  5. The Language of posting must be English only.
  6. Articles should be a minimum of 1000 words and should cover entire the topic. You know a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
  7. Unrelated posts or useless submissions will not be entertained.
  8. Terms and Conditions can be updated by us any time without question.

If you have already read and understood all of the guidelines mentioned above, then you are ready to be an Author at FreePremium, indirectly you can dare to share.

[email protected]