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Global Rules

Discussion in 'Forum Rules' started by STARK, Apr 30, 2017.

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    Apr 26, 2017
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    • Make sure to speak English at all times or you'll be banned from Shout Box.
    • You can only use 1 URL shortener in any Post, Staffs having restricitions upto 2.
    • Low quality posts will be removed and will gain you a warning point. (Staff will decide)
    • Blackhat activity is strictly prohibited, this means anything related to banking. This will result in an account closure.
    • Multiple accounts are not allowed, unless you can proof you have a family member using the same IP.
    • No racial slurs allowed.
    • Avoiding the character limit (30) will result in a warning point.
    • No advertising of any other forum, blog or website, not even in PMs.
    • Reputation goals are not allowed. This means you're not allowed to ask for likes or any favour.
    • Adult content/NSFW content isn't allowed to be posted outside the 18+ section.
    • Posting private information of members will result in an account closure of your account + your email & IP posted in the ban reason.
    • Do not flame/harass/threat users, this will lead in a warning point(s).
    • Infecting members will get you closed and your information (email & ip) publicized.
    • Impersonating a staff member will get you closed and your information (email & ip) publicized.
    • Virustotal scans need to be provided for every .exe you post. If a compressed file (.rar/.zip) contains an .exe, scan that instead of the whole archive.
    • Asking for vouch copies is not allowed, if the owner of the thread is offering them, then it's allowed.
    • Using links to sites which ask you to disable adblocker isn't allowed.
    • Don't post spam comments or your comment won't be approved
    • Posting a lot of accounts one by one or in very small amounts per topic is prohibited.
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