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How To Fix Netflix Error Code 1006?

Discussion in 'HOW-TO' started by STARK, Aug 22, 2017.

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    We know that Netflix is the most liked channel by the media streaming device users. They always visit Netflix.com login first before subscribing to the any other channel. You might have tried few tweaks yourself to remove this error code but in vain. Don’t worry, we are going to provide a solution to your problem. Just follow the below mentioned tweaks to resolve this error code. Before discussing the solution, we shall make you understand the reasons of getting this code on your device and why you are not able to enjoy free Netflix service on your media streaming device.

    Major reason of this Error code is bad internet connection or limited connectivity. If you internet speed is not proper or it keeps on terminating again and again then you won’t be able to access Netflix seamlessly. The network may get affected with the number of devices connected to same Wi-Fi network. This effects the speed of Wi-Fi connection and results in unable to open Netflix activate page from your device.

    Another reason of getting this problem is Netflix app itself, if it is not properly installed or some of its files get corrupted then it will start giving problem while streaming.

    So, these all are the possible reasons of getting this problem. Now you must be waiting for solution, wait is over. Now we are going to discuss the possible ways with which you can eliminate this error code from your device. Read the below mentioned ways properly then implement on your device to get rid of this problem.

    • Rebooting: The first and the foremost step is to reboot the device. Unplug and shut down the device and keep it in same state for more than 10 seconds. Restart it and check whether the problem is solved or not.
    • Reset network settings: You can try resetting of network settings to get rid of this problem. This sometimes help you in solving this problem. To reset the network settings follow the below mentioned steps:
    1. Go to settings of your device.
    2. Look for ‘general’ option and click on it.
    3. You will find ‘reset’ option under general tab. Click on reset.
    4. Select Reset network settings. This will bring network into default settings. You can try now by opening Netflix.com/activate page.
    5. If your Wi-Fi is having proper speed, then you can also access Netflix through wireless network.
    • Reinstalling a Netflix app: If you find problem in Netflix app, then uninstall it from the app list and, then re-install Netflix app from the play store or from the apple store depends on the device you are using. You can visit Netflix.com link even to find the download link for your device.
    • Hard reset: If the problem still prevails, then the last option that you can try is hard reset your device. To do the hard reset, follow the steps mentioned here as under:
    1. Hold the power button of Apple iPhone along with the home button till you observe the apple logo on your screen.
    2. Reset the network settings followed by all settings reset.
    Now delete the app and download it again from the app store. Activate it online by visiting Netflix.com/activate link. This will solve Netflix error 1006 problem indeed.

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