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Image Adding Rules in a Thread

Discussion in 'Forum Rules' started by STARK, May 2, 2017.

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    Many people asked and many will again "How to add images in a post?" To overcome this ambiguity I have come with some rules and guides. Due to storage and spam issues we can't put an option to upload the image on our hosting. Thats why we have decided to use the external image hosters.

    Some External image hosters:
    Now, How to Add images in any thread?
    • First Take the Snip of image you want. (Win+PrntScr)
    • Now Open it in Paint and write the name "freepremium.in" in Lobster font. If you don't got that font installed then download from here.
    • Now Go to any external Image Hosters (Sign Up there So that your images are saved)
    • Upload there and take a main executable image link. Eg See
    • Now Try to post any thread, You'll see some tools like this.[​IMG]
    • Thats the image icon, Click on it and Put your image link and then insert[​IMG]
    • Bingo you have posted the image.
    NOTE: If you don't want to add name of "freepremium.in" in paint, then rename the image like "Your-Title-freepremium.in" and then Upload. Also for other Website LOGOs don't put "freepremium.in" name

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