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Some Great Chromecast Apps that you Should Download.

Discussion in 'Blogger's Write' started by STARK, Aug 22, 2017.

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    Google chromecast is a device that lets you stream the content of your choice. With Chromecast, you can use so many apps that gives you a massive range of content. So, here we have come with a guide of the apps that are compatible with Google Chromecast and that you should have if you are a Chromecast user.

    google chromecast setupThe chromecast is able to stream Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, HBO Now, and thousands of other apps and games to your TV. You will need to use your Android or iOS device for controlling Chromecast. Once the device is plugged on, you can stream the content of your choice. There are actually thousands of apps that are compatible with Chromecast. You just need to look at the app store. But if you need any guidance on which apps you should choose and download, then the following list is for you. Each of the app included in the list if guaranteed to entertain you.

    All Cast

    This is the app that will enable you to send videos and photos to your TV from wither cloud or local storage. The All Cast app is available in the Android, iOS, and Amazon app stores.

    Chrome Browser

    Google Chrome was one of the first apps to gain Chromecast Tv support, and still numbers among the most useful. With Chrome, you can cast whatever you are seeing in the browser to your TV. The ability to cast your browser to your TV is likely to become one of your favorite Chromecast features.


    You can consider Crackle if you are not ready to pay for another streaming subscription, which is free and supported by ads. The Crackle app for Android or iOS enables you to stream a variety of movies and TV shows and also gives you access to Crackle’s original content and all this without adding subscription fee to your monthly bills.

    Google Play Movies and TV

    This is the app that you will need to manage the TV shows and movies that you purchase or rent through Google Play.

    Google Play Music

    If you have an extensive music library stored locally on one or more of your devices, then you can upload up to 50000 songs to stream on any of your devices. You can also stream your own music or your favorites on Google Play Music to your Chromecast.

    HBO Go and HBO Now

    HBO is another standby when it comes to the sources of entertainment. If you already have HBO subscription as a part of your cable service, then you can download HBO go for Android or iOS devices both and stream your favorites to your TV via Chromecast.


    Just download and install the Hulu app for Android or iOS and you will be able to control what is streaming on your TV right from your Android or iOS smartphone.


    This probably need no introduction if you are already a fan of streaming movies and TV shows. You can use Netflix on your chromecast with the Netflix app on iOS or Android or by visiting Netflix’s website in Google Chrome browser.


    You can start using this app by using the stations with a favorite song, artist, composer, or genre to create your own personalized stations. Just download the Pandora app for Android or iOS and you will listening to a great music through your living room sound system in no time.


    This was the one of the first apps to support Chromecast. This app is the perfect way for organizing your videos, music, photos, and TV and then streaming them to all of your devices. You can also use free Plex media server or upgrade for more features.


    Unlike some of the other apps on the list, Spotify was not very fast in adding the support for Chromecast. But now you can use the Android or iOS app for streaming all your favorite songs, listen to curated playlists, or sync your personal library to your device.
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    Using a browser on a TV seems weird.
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    All those apps vere familiar to me before so no new discoveries here. I hope they would make more multiplayer games that are compatible with chromecast, they are pretty cool.

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