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Empowered to Transform - Fitness Transformation Program

Discussion in 'Tutorial' started by MFTSOFT, Nov 2, 2018.


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    Oct 17, 2018
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    Empowered to Transform - Fitness Transformation Program l Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 5.5 hours | Size: 5.52 GB

    .MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
    Fitness Transformation For Ambitious and Busy Career Professionals, Introverts and College Students - For Beginners
    What you'll learn

    Lose fat weight and build tone
    Build discipline, become lean, increase strength and look attractive
    Increase self-esteem in all areas of your life
    Visibly increase your confidence, at work, personally and socially
    Become self-dependent, self-reliant and learn to be your own workout partner
    Know how to confidently navigate any gym you walk into and never be intimidated by the gym environment, people or equipment
    Increase energy to take on your dream projects you've always wanted to work on - knowing you wont burn out trying to finish it
    Inspire others in your life to take charge of their fitness


    Access to a gym with machines and some free weights
    Unyielding desire to get lean, fit, strong and attractive
    The mindset to use fitness as a means to increase self confidence and increase energy
    A desire to get in shape and not having to rely on a gym buddy or partner to improve your own physique


    Are you an introvert? Or someone who is shy?

    Are you an IT, software, banking or service professional working under constant deadlines?

    Do you feel overwhelmed by the intimidating gym environment, obnoxious people at the gym banging the weights?

    How about the sweaty and gross grunting by those big dudes trying to draw attention to them?

    Does the sheer variety and assortment of gym equipment make your head spin?

    Do you get lost trying to figure out which ones (equipments) you really need and how to progress?

    Do you hate waiting on your gym buddy just so you can hit the gym? You are tired of your gym buddy not showing up when he / she said they would?

    Are you a super busy career professional with a desk job?

    Is your job / career a daily high pressure boiler room with extreme levels of stress, all the time?

    Do you feel like you're exhausted and stressed too often? Do you catch yourself low on energy and feel like you want to be left alone?

    Do you see the need to de-stress your body and mind, but cant seem to take enough vacations ?

    Do you wish to get in shape, get toned, be able to lift bigger and more heavier weights, without injuring yourself or looking silly?

    Do you secretly wish to FEEL more CONFIDENT, look more attractive, increase your own self-esteem, and look in the mirror and say "yep, THIS, I have done"?

    If so, you are NOT alone.

    This Fitness and Self Transformation program that'll help you develop not just your body, but also your mind muscle and help you increase your self-confidence and self-esteem in the process.

    This is a especially designed for career professionals, software and IT professionals, project managers, sales and banking professionals, creatives and introverts that tend to be shy and feel intimidated by the overwhelm at the local health club or gym.

    If you are in a high stress desk job with constant performance pressure and need to be at the top of your game, every single day.

    If you want to increase your energy level this is for you.

    This course will empower you to build discipline and help you push past your current levels of comfort, so you can THRIVE each day - at work and in life.

    Hi! I'm Kamlesh, and I'm on a mission to equip & empower ambitious and busy career professionals to thrive each day through self-reliance, self-dependence and a relentless pursuit of self-betterment, in the gym, at work and in life.

    I do this by creating powerful educational programs that "empower my students to transform their lives" and take it to the next level doing what they love doing.

    When we talk about change and transformation, the first constraint is us. So the first and the best place to start this magnificent journey of self- empowerment and transformation is through our physique.

    Physical energy is what feeds our very being. And for this reason, our transformation journey will begin with mastering our physical state - not just fitness and strength, but the way we feel and the way we look.

    Because when you change your physical state, you position and prime your mind to start building momentum with the things that'll exponentially improve your life, and start living the change you so desire.

    Let's get started!
    Who is the target audience?

    Men and Women between 20 - 45 will get the most out of this
    Busy career professionals with a desk job
    Software and IT Professionals, Sales and Marketing Professionals who need to have high energy each day, Banking Professionals
    Men and women between 20 and 45 who want to grow their confidence and self esteem in themselves
    Introverts and those that find fitness centers and gyms to be intimidating
    Professionals working in a high stress and high pressure job with constant deadlines and job demands
    Busy career professionals and college students with attention deficit or ADHD and ADD
    Busy career professionals and College Students with difficulty getting and staying focused
    You are serious about getting in shape, looking better and getting stronger, but dont want to spend thousands of dollars on personal trainers



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