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Tony Blackman Test Pilot: My Extraordinary Life in Flight

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    Tony Blackman Test Pilot: My Extraordinary Life in Flight | English | December 7th, 2012 | ISBN: 1906502366, 190811732X | 248 pages | EPUB | 4.84 MB

    Tony Blackman OBE, MA, FRAeS was educated at Oundle School and Trinity College Cambridge, where he obtained an honors degree in Physics. He learned to fly in the RAF, trained as a test pilot, and then joined A V Roe where he became chief test pilot.

    As an expert in aviation electronics he was subsequently invited by Smiths Industries to join their Aerospace Board, initially as technical operations director, helping to develop the new large electronic displays and flight management systems. On leaving Smiths he joined the board of the UK Civil Aviation Authority. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Experimental Test Pilots, a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation and a Liveryman of the Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators. Tony Blackman - Test Pilot covers Tony's captivating career, from the RAF, national service and learning to fly, to squadron flying and testing aircraft at Boscombe Down.

    Tony gives great insight into the world of the aerospace industry and what it takes to be a test pilot. The book is testament to his fascinating life in aviation during which he flew with the legendary Howard Hughes and tested hundreds of aircraft, including Avros, Shackletons, Victors and all three Vulcan bombers - an almost unique experience.



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