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Fundamentals of Information Security A Complete Go-to Guide for Beginners to Understand All the A...

Discussion in 'Misc.' started by Dl4ever, Sep 19, 2021.

  1. Dl4ever

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    Sep 13, 2020
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    pdf, epub | 2020 | ISBN: ‎ B08N6S66YP | 292 Pages: | English | 2.09 MB | Author: Unknown

    An Ultimate Guide to Building a Successful Career in Information Security

    Key Features
    • Understand the basics and essence of Information Security.
    • Understand why Information Security is important.
    • Get tips on how to make a career in Information Security.
    • Explore various domains within Information Security.
    • Understand different ways to find a job in this field.

    The book starts by introducing the fundamentals of Information Security. You will deep dive into the concepts and domains within Information Security and will explore the different roles in Cybersecurity industry. The book includes a roadmap for a technical and non-technical student who want to make a career in Information Security. You will also understand the requirement, skill and competency required for each role. The book will help you sharpen your soft skills required in the Information Security domain. The book will help you with ways and means to apply for jobs and will share tips and tricks to crack the interview.

    This is a practical guide will help you build a successful career in Information Security.

    What will you learn
    • Understand how to build and expand your brand in this field.
    • Explore several domains in Information Security.
    • Review the list of top Information Security certifications.
    • Understand different job roles in Information Security.
    • Get tips and tricks that will help you ace your job interview.

    Who this book is for
    The book is for anyone who wants to make a career in Information Security. Students, aspirants and freshers can benefit a lot from this book.

    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction to Information Security
    2. Domains in Information Security
    3. Information Security for non-technical professionals
    4. Information Security for technical professionals
    5. Skills required for a cybersecurity professional
    6. How to find a job
    7. Personal Branding

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    thanks bro.

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