Where i can collect the GST rates for bags?

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    I need soft good leather material bag is needed for my travelling. I need to go Landon for my business meeting. And also my family members are like to travel with me. I have used my credit card for applying ticket. I need 2 travel bags for that purpose. So please tell me what are the features and GST related information here. I am looking for the good materials and black color bags. Travel bag GST is high compare to other products. So please tell me the details about the bags and leather purses. GST software and related reviews are needed for me.
    I need to get the special nature of advices and reviews for buying that. I have read the customer reviews and choices in online. I have collect those reviews and choose the best shopping website in online. My father suggested one shopping store. It is getting more collections and products are also getting best quality. More customers are buying their leather products in that. My family members are getting more interest to visit the Landon. It is getting more visiting places and wonderful entertaining places also. I need some of information about GST rates for the fight ticket and leather bag GST rates here.
    I am applying my ticket next week. So please tell me your suggestion and some of traveling tips here. I have followed the all steps for given that ticket rules. I need to know the leather type of products and what percentages of tax are added for that. My friends are getting some messages about the slippers and the GST rates in their mail box. So he is need to know the exact rate for those products. I am searching the data and rates in online. I am not get clear information about that. So please tell me the exact details here

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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